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In December 1995, Qatar Reinforcement Company was born to meet the needs for a service specialized in manufacturing all the high standards reinforcement materials that are substantial for the modern construction structures which are currently executed without disregarding a true and significant factor that is the acceptable cost.
Qatar Reinforcement Company is a major supplier of fabricated steel reinforcing bars of a diameter ranging between 8 and 40 mm, whether made of normal deformed high yield steel or epoxy coated material that is used to preserve the steel from aggressive conditions to which it could be exposed.
However, the company’s activities are not limited to the supply of the above mentioned products, since it plays a major role in facilitating the contractors’ tasks through the service it offers, by providing them the reinforcement bending schedules they require, in addition to the site fixing services; consequently, Qatar Reinforcement Company is the answer to all the reinforcement needs, since it endows it clients with high quality at reasonable and competitive price. This cost- effectiveness allowed the company to grow and expand over the years and to offer to all those who have faith in it the high quality services and products for rational costs.

The development and growth of the Qatar Reinforcement Company was witnessed in its last but not least expansion at two levels: on one hand, it has noticeably doubled the floor area where it operates in order to be able to encompass the large production site, and thus  it kept importing and using the up-to-date machineries made by worldwide international industrial countries, such as FINLAND, DENMARK and others, who are renowned for their state-of- the- art equipments in the domain of cutting and bending bars in various shapes and sizes with a very high precision and neatness , yet at a very high speed, added to the hoisting machineries able to deal with the larger sizes of steel bars used for construction. And on the other hand, the company was able to considerably enlarge the scope of its clients, and their number has consequently increased due to the amplification of the production capacities, rendering the QRC able to cater an augmented demand from a larger clientele.

QRC is committed to procure reinforcement bars from CARES SCS & BES6001 approved mills and ensure traceability throughout the full life cycle (ie. From the manufacturer to the customer). Open this link for IMS POLICY https://www.dropbox.com/s/78zqytjsmb3yya8/IMS%20POLICY%202021.PDF?dl=0

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